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Title: Car Park Marshalls

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General information:

•  Our supervisor will always give you a site briefing and other necessary information when you arrive at the site. However below are few things to know when you are working for us:

•  Uniform – You will be provided with high visibility clothing and t-shirt. You will need to wear black trousers and black safety footwear.

•  Camping – Please make sure you have all your daily essentials such as toiletries, extra clothing, medicine, sleeping bag, towels, food and water when you are camping. You will be notified beforehand to inform whether you will be camping or not for the event you will be working for.

•  Once booked for the event, any cancellations of shifts or delays in shifts should be notified to us immediately.

•  Please update us with any changes in your details such as bank details, address, etc. before the 15th of every month.

•  You will be paid an hourly rate, which is paid directly into your bank account on monthly basis.

•  Please make sure you fill in the timesheets on site and it is authorised by our supervisor. Please retain a copy of your timesheet for your own record.